Adams revisited: Lake Tenaya I & II, 2007, C-Print, 67 x 48 und 40 x 43,5 cm

Adams revisited: Canyon de Chelly I & II, 2007, C-Print, 57,7 x 49 und 51,4 x 49 cm


Adams revisited: Monolith I & II, 2007, C-Print, 56 x 46,6 und 54 x 43,3 cm





Adams revisited

I'm standing in front of the photographies of Ansel Adams. Which readings of the american landscape remain, facing these monumental, super-detailed photos?
I move around in this little space in front of his photos and from different perspectives I take pictures of them. In doing so the landscapes change, distortions appear, his straight photographic view gets blurry. I suddenly regain my eye. His landscapes turn into models.