Alex Gross, Dance of Abjection, 2016,125 x 98 cm

Alex Gross, The Architecture of the Low, 2016,125 x 98 cm

Tobias Becker, Final Structure I, 2016, cardboard, spraypaint, 90 x 45 x 45 cm

Tobias Becker, Final Structure II, 2016, Bambus, 38 x 18 cm


Opening: 19th November, 5-7 pm

Show dates:
Saturday 19th - 28th November 2016
(by appointment)

This show offers an experimental platform for a group of 7 artists for whom drawing plays an important role. Each artist has invited someone else (artist / writer / scientist / architect etc) to respond to one of their drawings - be it a sketch, a resolved work or a part extracted from another project. The purpose of these pairings is to explore the dialogue that takes place when a drawing is translated and re-formed. The collection of works on show are collaborative and singular objects, some of which operate in tandem, while others quietly sit alone disconnected from their origins.

Artists in collaboration:

Alex Gross / Tobias Becker
Lisa Peachey / Daniel Glaser
Ian Whitfield / Maria Georgoula
Louisa Chambers / Ruth Solomons
Jim Hobbs / Jo-Anne Bichard
Emily Strange / Jenny Baines

Rogue Artists’ Studios CIC
66-72 Chapeltown Street,
M1 2WH