Bildpaar (image pair), 2004, oil and acryl on canvas, 190 x 130 cm and 130 x 190 cm

Landschaftsstudien I – IV (landscape studies I - IV), 2001, oil on canvas, each 65 x 85 cm

Landschaft I (landscape I), 2002, oil on canvas, 140 x 170 cm

Landschaft II (landscape II), 2002, oil on canvas, 140 x 170 cm

Landschaft III (landscape III), 2002, acryl on canvas, 140 x 170 cm

Image pair

The varying distances from which a situation may be contemplated, influence the degrees of abstraction of the object being observed. If in approaching something far away one holds onto a specific degree of abstraction, a certain kind of interpretation vacuum arises. With this pair of images, I attempt to locate this "un-space". I take a bird's eye perspective of a landscape, and then observe this from the ground.

Landscape studies

To experience a landscape is fundamentally connected to the simultaneous (perceptual) construction of a landscape. The act, of visually capturing and retaining it, can accordingly be read as an illustration of this process. These landscape studies take this as a point of departure. They are studies of a notion of landscape. The construction of the landscape proceeds the paintings. As in every case. The paintings take nothing more than this as their central theme. A landscape model. The pictures are observations of the process that occur between landscape and the observer, between perception and interpretation.