Berglandschaften grün & weiß (mountainscapes green & white), 2007 / general view

Berglandschaft grün (mountainscapes green), 2007, landscapepainting (oil on canvas), cardboard, 40,6 x 40,6 x 13 cm / aerial view

Berglandschaft weiß (mountainscape white) , 2007, trail map, cardboard, 36,8 x 36,8 x 12 cm / aerial view

mountainscapes green & white, 2007 / details


The impression that a landscape leaves behind in the mind, is the sum of individual images, individual fragments of landscapes, that together form a total picture. Man cannot help but "build" a landscape out of these fragments. But what is the relationship of this picture to the mapped representation of a landscape, a representation that offers a supposed overview? Can I map my own subjectively experienced landscapes? And if so: is it then possible for me to visually survey this landscape. With Mountainscape (white) I examine these questions based on a trail map. Mountainscape (green) presents a further expansion of these considerations. In this case it's not based on a map, rather on an image of a landscape.