Tobias Becker / Alex Gross - Leguano Bay, 2012
artificial rocks, tiles, water pump, sunbed, two heads of lettuce, selfmade iguana-suits, therapy-light, clay, water, plants, basin and more...


Performance at the opening


Leguano Bay

Immerse yourself into a natural wilderness! See a breathtaking world of great waterfalls, shimmering colours and exotic animals. Follow us on a mystical track and experience yourself with all your senses. You will feel entirely comfortable. Energising sunlight will surround you while you dip your toes into a warm spring. The time spent will be exciting and diverse. Enjoy your new well-being! Become a discoverer and observe the beauty and power of animal life. A space for pleasure and balance. We are offering habitats that are appropriate to the species, and retreats for relaxation and your natural feelings. Enjoy your fresh complexion and put your mind at ease.
Leguano Bay will show you the power of your naturalness.

For the duration of the show, the “Boutique” will be transformed into “Leguano Bay”. This will be the third collaborative exhibition between Tobias Becker and Alex Gross and next compelling step following their artistic practice.

During the evening of the opening the artists will perform a self-experiment to examine the ambivalent qualities of the created environment.

Leguano Edition --->

>PERFORMANCE, March, 3rd (Video) --->

Opening: Friday, 2nd of March 7 pm
Performance 7-9 pm
Exhibition: 03. till 23. March 2012
Opening Hours: Thursday - Saturday 5-8 pm

Live at the Closing:
Joker Nies & TreeSpeedMusic

Friday, 23. March 8 pm

BOUTIQUE - Raum für temporäre Kunst Ebertplatzpassage, Köln