Max, Tobi and Aymeric will spend some nice summer days in their boutique batiking fabric in nice colors. Because they thought that this would be a nice thing to do. This drapery will have very nice colors, friendly colors, in a way you might imagine. With special designs, large stars in violet and yellow, like mantras somehow, or like flowers.

Out of this drapery they will then sew nice clothes, trousers and nice tops, and everybody, who comes in into their boutique, will dress in these nice clothes. And there will come a lot of people looking through the large shop windows, because batik fabric is so nice to look at and because one might feel reminded.

And the dresses! When you wear them, things will perhaps not weight so much anymore. And the ones, who want to join the Batik action are welcome and can so become real part of it. And perhaps things will feel lighter a little more. There are so many nice colors and shapes to discover. And when one starts to walk around and to move in these clothes, perhaps all the other motions will feel a little lighter. Because one feels reminded. And perhaps there will be nice music playing, music that shifts one to some other place, in a different time. And then perhaps all body movements will feel even lighter and one feels touched. Because one feels reminded.

And then one might feel touched even more and one starts to really feel something - in these so nice clothes, with all these nice people, who suddenly all look somehow nicer and one starts to feel somehow nicer, too. And then more people will come and all of them are so nice as the nice batik drapery and suddenly everything seems to be nicer than before. Because somehow one dives into all these nice shapes and colors that are all so nice.

And perhaps we will start to touch each other, because it is so nice. Because everything else is so nice, too. And then perhaps we will start to hold each other and to embrace each other, because we realize that this is so nice. And perhaps we will start to cry with joy about each other - that we are able to encounter each other in all the nice colors and shapes.

At the same time we will perhaps cry of sadness that all this doesn’t work out anymore.

Ultra social.


Tobias Becker
Max Erbacher
Aymeric Fouquez

Batiking and more … Batiking together, Sewing together, Thinking together, Feeling together, Drinking together....

Station #5 of the UAMO City Tour "Ultra social"

8. till 11. July 2011

FR 7-9 pm Batiking-Warm-up
SA 2-9 pm Batiking and Sewing, from 9 pm Music and Dance with the DJs Michel & André (King Georg)
SU 4-9 pm Batiking & Sewing (with coffee and cake)
MO 2-8 pm Batiking & Sewing, from 8 pm Barbecue

Boutique - Raum für temporäre Kunst
Ebertplatzpassage, Köln