Eigentlich, 2010, various materials from a construction site,
140 x 300 x 500 cm

alternative views


Steg (footbridge), 2010, Tobias Becker / Max Erbacher, wood, ca. 15 m


The artists of the Atelieretage OPEKTA ATELIERS were invited to perform in the spacious entrance area of a well-known news agency in the center of Cologne. A few days before the opening of the exhibition entitled "Eigentlich" (Actually), we received a condition for the provision of the space: due to the very sensitive floor, the public was not allowed to enter the space under any circumstances. These unexpected, as well as unusual, conditions inspired us to make a series of spontaneous, site-specific comments, such as the two works shown here.
The installation "Eigentlich" could only be viewed in its entirety by walking through the work "Steg". The "Steg," in turn, connected the art-interested company outside the door with the restrooms inside the building.