things from the horizon, 2007, isolation foam, plaster, spray paint, 15 x 45 x 18 cm to 18 x 90 x 18 cm






things from the horizon

The work things from the horizon emerged after I traveled through the US westwards for a couple of weeks. Moving westwards made me think of the American Dream, inspired of the vast, sublime wideness that surrounded me for most of the time. What does the West hold ready for us? What are we longing for? What is out there at the horizon that we reach for? I looked at these things at the horizon that are almost indefinable, blurry and vague. I wanted to hold these things in my hand, to look at them close-up, to see what this dream is about. So I gave these vague perceptions shape and made these "things", these imaginations and dreams handy and - purchasable.